Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Mr.Endurance

It’s often said that when the going gets tough, it’s the tough that get going - and the toughest of them is my dad. 

Sometimes when I roll back in times and think of all those difficult situations and challenges that life had to throw at us, I do not get amazed by the kind of hardships and struggle it had, but what really amazes me is how my dad everytime managed to stay calm, positive and determined to show us the light at the end of the tunnel - so many times...

I dont know any other person in my life who would be able to survive and come out victorious of all this situations
  • Millionaire who was thrown out of his own house, builds a new life for his wife and son - giving them the million smiles
  • Man who survived a life threatening accident - feels never threatened by ups and downs of life
  • Person who helped many and  also got betrayed by few - still gives priority to other people's happiness before his
  • Human who has seen so much of pain in his life - skillfully manages to hide it and keep a smile
Today as we celebrate his 54th Birthday, I am proud to say that there is no father, no husband, no human who has more endurance than what Mr.Kshitij Shah has.

You continue to be our bright glowing guiding light for now and ever...

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dreams that want to live…

I have always believed that 80% of people fail to realise what their real passions and dreams are in life. And remaining 20%, who realise what really excites them, gives them high, makes them feel tireless, only 5% end up living their passions…

So what this belief of mine, means for me? I do not fall in 80% league, as I am confidentially concluding that nothing makes me feel more excited, addicted and charged then DANCE and DESIGN.  Dance has always been with me from my childhood – amateur dancer for past 27 years now. Dance lets me express, let me be free, let me be happy.

Design is my adulthood love, again an amateur at it. But ever since I started designing, the satisfaction and happiness I get when I end up making that clever logo or that simple and neat advertisement is beyond comparison. Gives me a great high!

I am a non conventional addict. Addicted to Dance and Design.

Good that I fall in the 20% that know what they love in life….but the rude reality is that there is nothing happening or being done for me to be in those 5% who end up living their passions. Whom should I blame it on? Myself? My job which sucks away more than 12 hours of my time? My fears of not able to full fill my responsibilities if dump away the mundane routine and start doing what I love? My constraint of going beyond my defined boundaries?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Letter to my dear ones…

Dear Blog,

Sorry for zero contact in past few months, I kept remembering you and wanted to write something, infact lots of things, but….
I will surely try to be in touch on regular basis.

Dear 30th November,

There is so much excitement surrounding you. My mom dad and my wonderful fiancĂ©e’s family are gearing up to ensure that you turn out to be one of the most special days in all of our lives.

Dear C-304, Sector 3, Suncity,

Almost a year when I saw you for the first time and it was surely love at first sight, it took time before I can convince my parents about you, but I am glad that they agreed and we all are now living happily together, forever…

Dear Axis Bank Account,

You are too lenient, how can you just allow the money to keep going out all the time – you need to put in some restrictions to it, please save money!

Dear Pulsar,

Can’t thank you enough for always being there with me without any conditions for past 6 years.

Dear 99 designs,

Thanks for bringing the designer in me back to life.

Dear Work,

I love you, but we need to bring back that excitement.

Dear Laptop,

I feel so proud of you when I see you coming on television with Ranbir Kapoor, but you need to improve your performance and go down on maintenance.

Dear E63,

I miss you so much; I hope and pray that wherever you are, you are doing fine.

And last but not the least…

Dear Challenges,

I know you like me and always find reasons to be with me. Initially I found you irritating and frustrating but  over the period I have realised that you are not so bad and when I talk to your brother ‘Opportunity’ I realise that you might look tough from the surface but from inside you are always trying to help me in some way or other, by making me stronger and brave.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A month full of celebrations, travel and some magic…

7.11.11 marked the beginning of the most eventful month of my life yet and it started with a big and happy surprise – a quick agreement by families and quick engagement on 11.11.11, one of the happiest days of my life J
But unfortunately didn’t get enough time to enjoy this happiness as work related travel to Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore kept me busy most of the month – doing conferences in one city after another, but it was also quite a satisfactory experience as it is bound to get some moolaahs for my company J
In midst of this happiness and travel there was a small setback with dad’s health deteriorating, making me really tensed and nervous but just when I was started feeling helpless, we experienced magic – few minutes of magnetic therapy by a Vaid in Viramgam and my dad was smiling back – pure magic and I took a sigh of relief.
And then there was time for more celebrations with Jaggu and Sam’s (Sonali) marriage, trio of me, Denzil and Darshit tried our best to ensure that our best friend’s wedding is as he had thought it to be -  full of glam and gloss J. By the end of it we were exhausted but it was all worth for a friend who has always been there for all of us.
At the end of this super busy month I have a bigger family, relationships and friendship which is stronger than ever and lots of smiles all around! What a month, some of the most memorable experiences packed in it!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Viral Videos – How did it happen?

When you see ratings like the ‘top video of the week’ and comments like ‘I cried watching this video’, you ought to believe that it must be really a very well shot video with right lighting, script, scenes, animations etc etc which goes in making a movie.

But I myself was in for a pleasant surprise when all this honors and appreciation were earned by an amateur video which was created using still images, powerful music and little of animation.

India - The Land of Initiatives - rated as one of the top videos of the week on Youtube.

Video launched on Independence Day, dedicated to the great thinkers and innovators of India.

Anna Hazare - Jai Ho
Video dedicated to Anna Hazare for he being every Indians voice against corruption, launched on the very next day of Government agreeing to Jan Lokpal Bill.

So how did this happen? I ask myself. And this is what my mind and heart echoed.
  • The subject matter of video if powerful enough, half the battle is won – in above cases Independence Day and Anna Hazare’s Jan Lokpal win are surely quite powerful and strong.
  • We Indians love our music, so ensure the music selected has a mass appeal – Jana Gana Mana and Jai Ho have always given me Goosebumps, so had to use them as background score.
  • Pictures say thousand words – so even though it’s a video made out of pics, ensuring the sequencing and timing of the pics and music was quintessential.
  • Animation effects from animoto.com was like a tadka of the video.
  • Thanks to the biggest broadcasting company – youtube there is a larger audience which appreciates professional as well amateur work.
  • Decent size online network group also came in handy in spreading the video – where you send them emails and share requests.
Seeing the video if you have more insights on why this worked or how can this be done better, I would love to hear it.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Travel - explored a new Me

Picture taken at Singapore Flyer
They say when you travel, you learn a lot - you learn to manage yourself, take your own decisions and be more fearless - and I did learn all this in my some 10-15 odd work related trips in last 6 months. But above this I have discovered something else also, something which i experienced and asked myself when I saw and observed herd of people walking and walking/running and running for some or other thing then be it Delhi, Mumbai or Singapore - what is everybody running after? My assumption is needs which have over the period become wants and then desires (Mr.Darwin) - and more I thought of this race, I found the whole idea of spending most of your time and energies into gaining materialistic bliss but not having enough time to enjoy any of it, a very pity one.

I have realised that if same time is spent with family and friends it is far more and better source of happiness rather than the running behind materialistic gains. Thanks to all the travel I have 100% realised that I love my home, family and friends more than anything. And every time I go out I cant wait to return home.