Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Viral Videos – How did it happen?

When you see ratings like the ‘top video of the week’ and comments like ‘I cried watching this video’, you ought to believe that it must be really a very well shot video with right lighting, script, scenes, animations etc etc which goes in making a movie.

But I myself was in for a pleasant surprise when all this honors and appreciation were earned by an amateur video which was created using still images, powerful music and little of animation.

India - The Land of Initiatives - rated as one of the top videos of the week on Youtube.

Video launched on Independence Day, dedicated to the great thinkers and innovators of India.

Anna Hazare - Jai Ho
Video dedicated to Anna Hazare for he being every Indians voice against corruption, launched on the very next day of Government agreeing to Jan Lokpal Bill.

So how did this happen? I ask myself. And this is what my mind and heart echoed.
  • The subject matter of video if powerful enough, half the battle is won – in above cases Independence Day and Anna Hazare’s Jan Lokpal win are surely quite powerful and strong.
  • We Indians love our music, so ensure the music selected has a mass appeal – Jana Gana Mana and Jai Ho have always given me Goosebumps, so had to use them as background score.
  • Pictures say thousand words – so even though it’s a video made out of pics, ensuring the sequencing and timing of the pics and music was quintessential.
  • Animation effects from animoto.com was like a tadka of the video.
  • Thanks to the biggest broadcasting company – youtube there is a larger audience which appreciates professional as well amateur work.
  • Decent size online network group also came in handy in spreading the video – where you send them emails and share requests.
Seeing the video if you have more insights on why this worked or how can this be done better, I would love to hear it.