Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fight for Internationalism

It was all easy, on schedule, smooth till 24th Feb 2011 1000 hrs (the day when I was suppose to make my first international trip to Dubai) and then the Fight for my Internationalism began....

Level 1: Connecting flight to Mumbai was delayed - so I had to take a flight which was at 11.30 am, and I came to know about this only at 10.00 am when I was sitting in my computer chair managing some music on my mobile phone, it rang and I had to fight the time - just reached airport in time (didn't even get time for a tight hug from my family, damn!)

Level 2: On flight - fighting the gravitational forces with really bumpy landing - still alive.

Level 3: Mystery - Harit (my colleague) lost his cell phone, we went searching for it from corner to corner of Mumbai International Airport, but even with the help of security forces and house keeping staff we could not find that dear phone of Harit. We fought till the end but could not clear the level, mystery unsolved! Who do you think it is?? 

Level 4.1: Species - My Internationalism was about to get wings and it did on time but then something else with the wings was waiting for me in the flight - MOSQUITO (sucker), I guess it lost oxygen as we went on higher altitude.

Level 4.2: A small little stage i had to fight was my back pain - UGELSIC was a booster.

Fighting and clearing  the domestic levels I landed in Dubai - DXB - its so much organised and planned and beautiful, just too good a city!

Level 5: Face off - this was with the Customs and Information bureau of Dubai to get our brochures, Cd's, folders all the crucial crucial material out from their custody. Savitri (my colleague from Dubai) help us overcome this battle and my fingers got uncrossed!

Level 6: Marathon - this was an endurance test, walking walking and walking in a huge huge huge Deira city centre mall - but we loved this level as I got my gadgets in this one :D

In between I and Harit got one more small bonus - short lived luxury with a stay in Sheraton :D

Level 7: Battle Royale - D day was here - Assessment Summit. The challenge was to ensure 35 Tablet PCs run well on Wifi and it become damn difficult challenge with only 13 tablets up and running, rest refused to comply with us. Plan B came into action and we got all the laptops in, to ensure the Mindspark experience to all the tables. We got through this level too but it could have been better if the IP would have not behaved like an ***.

Level 8: Black or White - this was an experience that was not challenging but frustrating for we were not allowed to enter a night club just because we are Not Whites - this fight cause of your skin colour is still on - sad!

Level 9: Sand hills - This was the most exciting one, the fight to handle all the jerks sitting in an SUV and riding like crazy in the desert - super cool!

Level 10: Heavy weights - 32 Kgs mammoth was being dragged along from a store to the hotel to the airport to the bus to the baggage to the customs to the home - but anything for the people you love <3

My Fight for Internationalism - KICK A$$.