Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dreams that want to live…

I have always believed that 80% of people fail to realise what their real passions and dreams are in life. And remaining 20%, who realise what really excites them, gives them high, makes them feel tireless, only 5% end up living their passions…

So what this belief of mine, means for me? I do not fall in 80% league, as I am confidentially concluding that nothing makes me feel more excited, addicted and charged then DANCE and DESIGN.  Dance has always been with me from my childhood – amateur dancer for past 27 years now. Dance lets me express, let me be free, let me be happy.

Design is my adulthood love, again an amateur at it. But ever since I started designing, the satisfaction and happiness I get when I end up making that clever logo or that simple and neat advertisement is beyond comparison. Gives me a great high!

I am a non conventional addict. Addicted to Dance and Design.

Good that I fall in the 20% that know what they love in life….but the rude reality is that there is nothing happening or being done for me to be in those 5% who end up living their passions. Whom should I blame it on? Myself? My job which sucks away more than 12 hours of my time? My fears of not able to full fill my responsibilities if dump away the mundane routine and start doing what I love? My constraint of going beyond my defined boundaries?

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  1. It will happen my dear boy...I will pray very hard for you......