Sunday, January 23, 2011

Credibility is the key

Having gathered a littleeee experience in a particular work domain you walk into a new organization with full of enthusiasm and millions of ideas, thinking that you can contribute like nobody else did to this organization ever, by implementing millions of ideas you have, make things work much better by changing them upside down and getting everybody else also to believe and engaged in what you are doing and then…… all of a sudden you hit a REALITY ROADBLOCK – crashing your fast moving innovative ride into something called ‘RESISTANCE TO CHANGE’. This crash quickly turns the Optimistic and Creative innovative thinker in you into a CRIBBER who all of sudden starts believing that this organization doesn’t deserve his supreme talent and skills.

And such situations and resistances will not change till the time we have halos on our heads signifying people as ‘Innovators’, ‘Thinkers’, ‘Strategist’ etc etc..... But I have realized that there is another different kind of halo which actually develops around you over the time and which empowers you to implement the ideas you believe in, bring in the positive change that too without too much of resistance – halo of Credibility.

Ohhh but this halo of credibility just doesn’t come with time it also needs to be supplemented with few other ingredients like performance standards, high quality benchmark, discipline, ethical and moral standards in dealing with people, honesty and integrity etc and making them non-negotiable will have the credibility graph going up. But once you get there you feel more empowered and elevated :)