Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Travel - explored a new Me

Picture taken at Singapore Flyer
They say when you travel, you learn a lot - you learn to manage yourself, take your own decisions and be more fearless - and I did learn all this in my some 10-15 odd work related trips in last 6 months. But above this I have discovered something else also, something which i experienced and asked myself when I saw and observed herd of people walking and walking/running and running for some or other thing then be it Delhi, Mumbai or Singapore - what is everybody running after? My assumption is needs which have over the period become wants and then desires (Mr.Darwin) - and more I thought of this race, I found the whole idea of spending most of your time and energies into gaining materialistic bliss but not having enough time to enjoy any of it, a very pity one.

I have realised that if same time is spent with family and friends it is far more and better source of happiness rather than the running behind materialistic gains. Thanks to all the travel I have 100% realised that I love my home, family and friends more than anything. And every time I go out I cant wait to return home.