Monday, April 4, 2011


Had eaten away all my nails
by the time this pic was taken
In a long long time I have never felt so nervous and anxious as I felt from 2.30 - 11.00 pm on April 2nd 2011, courtesy World Cup Finals.May be it was also due to the excitement which was ever growing in me as we moved closer to Saturday and getting the Indian Cricket team shirt was like an Excitement BOOSTER. I promised myself that if we win the World Cup I will frame the shirt as a memory - I look forward to having this large frame in my room now :D

We waited and waited for the Helicopter Shot throughout the world cup, and finally Dhoni chopped Lankans off with the Helicopter Six - had no words after that....just kept on shouting shouting and shouting.....

Hair raising experience for some people
It was amazing to see how everybody, every single person unified with the biggest victory ever - no caste, no religion, no age bar, nothing coming between people - just one religion - CRICKET and one nation - INDIA...INDYAAAA :D

I was so happy to see the God - Tendulkar so happy! My desire to meet him atleast once in a life time has just got intensified! And the greedy me would also want to take the Lessons in Leadership from Honest, Calm and Proactive - Mr.Bald Singh Dhoni!

The Goose Bumps I have got in the 24 hours post victory have been the highest in my lifetime ;)
Rocked the Lanka!!

Mahatma Gandhi came from South Africa to get us the Independence, Gary Kirsten came to get us the most awaited title of World Champions!