Saturday, July 31, 2010

Perfect Day

'You know you are going to get a surprise, and if you still get surprised then it is truly amazing surprise'
I knew my friends would come and greet me at night on my birthday, I will get some gifts from my parents and friends, will have a nice dinner. All this i knew. But what i didn't knew was how AMAZING this all will be and how excitement with grapple me throughout the day.

Cake on my face. Loads of Gifts (30). Having all the people who matter most in my life at one place. Really good food and lots of pics. It was one of the best days of my life. I have never been so excited since i crossed my teens. Thank you everybody and thank you god for blessing me with such a wonderful life and great friends and family.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bye bye powerpoint

I have always believed that Presentations are Performances, more you engage your audience better are the chances for them to listen to you carefully and understand what you want to convey.

Prezi - is one such powerful tool which allows me to enhance my presentations by creating outstanding visuals and transitions just through zooming effect!

This is my first ever presentation on Prezi and it is about Personalised and Adaptive learning.

Je ne comprends

Je ne comprends - I dont understand, that was my state of mind in the class today. Day 1 when i learnt about 14 words/sentences i thought its gonna be easy, but today when things got more intense with more than 60 sentences/words/numericals coming my way i realised this is not going to be so simple and easy. I am hoping for things to get better from here and I use less of google translator after my 100 hours language course.

Awesome gaana hain Pervez Quadir ka - sung by Nitin SING(h) - Captured from my Phone

Ek boond chahat ki.....Nitin SING(h) exclusive

When you love someone, all your saved-up wishes start coming out.

Monday, July 26, 2010

French Revolution Begins!

With my first class of French language my French Revolution has begun. Infact the desire to capture all of my french learning has inspired me to start this blog.

Waking up at 6.30 am :( was not a great motivator to start something new but somehow I managed. And today I got my new French name 'Eric'. And this is what i learned today

  •  Jem' appelle Eric (My name is Eric)
  • Je suis indien (I am Indian national)
  • J'habite a' Ahmedabad (I live in Ahmedabad) 
  • Enchante (nice to meet you) 
  • Je parle Hindi, Gujarati, Anglais, et un peu Francais (I know Hindi, Gujarati, English and a little bit of French)
  • Ma langue maternnel est gujarati (My mother tongue is Gujarati) 
  • Ao revoin (bye)
  • A demain (see you tomorrow)
  • Bonne journee (have a nice day) 
  • Merci (thank you) 
  • Oui Cava (all is well)

 Today almost after 20 years i learned A B C D....again - French style. Why do french write something else and speak something else. But I am sure i will learn their ways soon. And with Arnauld and Roseline by my side in the class I am sure its gonna be two months of fun learning.Today we three even made our first hindi-french song 'hooth ghuma, sitti baja, sitti baja ka bol bhaiya Oui Cava, Oui Cava (all is well) O bhaiya (Oui Cava).

Blog Book

So here we go! It took me complete one hour to set up my first personal blog. I first tried Wordpress as I run my company blog on that, but they managed to confuse me so much that I just switched to Blogger and thankfully it is less complicated if not completely simple :D. The next block was deciding the blog name, but i finally managed that too - blogbook. And now finally I am happy that I have arrived on a blog scene and I am here to stay for long.