Sunday, December 18, 2011

A month full of celebrations, travel and some magic…

7.11.11 marked the beginning of the most eventful month of my life yet and it started with a big and happy surprise – a quick agreement by families and quick engagement on 11.11.11, one of the happiest days of my life J
But unfortunately didn’t get enough time to enjoy this happiness as work related travel to Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore kept me busy most of the month – doing conferences in one city after another, but it was also quite a satisfactory experience as it is bound to get some moolaahs for my company J
In midst of this happiness and travel there was a small setback with dad’s health deteriorating, making me really tensed and nervous but just when I was started feeling helpless, we experienced magic – few minutes of magnetic therapy by a Vaid in Viramgam and my dad was smiling back – pure magic and I took a sigh of relief.
And then there was time for more celebrations with Jaggu and Sam’s (Sonali) marriage, trio of me, Denzil and Darshit tried our best to ensure that our best friend’s wedding is as he had thought it to be -  full of glam and gloss J. By the end of it we were exhausted but it was all worth for a friend who has always been there for all of us.
At the end of this super busy month I have a bigger family, relationships and friendship which is stronger than ever and lots of smiles all around! What a month, some of the most memorable experiences packed in it!


  1. Yes Charisma, I am sure of the fact that God is a great magician and he will keep on surprising me with his tricks :)