Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Letter to my dear ones…

Dear Blog,

Sorry for zero contact in past few months, I kept remembering you and wanted to write something, infact lots of things, but….
I will surely try to be in touch on regular basis.

Dear 30th November,

There is so much excitement surrounding you. My mom dad and my wonderful fiancĂ©e’s family are gearing up to ensure that you turn out to be one of the most special days in all of our lives.

Dear C-304, Sector 3, Suncity,

Almost a year when I saw you for the first time and it was surely love at first sight, it took time before I can convince my parents about you, but I am glad that they agreed and we all are now living happily together, forever…

Dear Axis Bank Account,

You are too lenient, how can you just allow the money to keep going out all the time – you need to put in some restrictions to it, please save money!

Dear Pulsar,

Can’t thank you enough for always being there with me without any conditions for past 6 years.

Dear 99 designs,

Thanks for bringing the designer in me back to life.

Dear Work,

I love you, but we need to bring back that excitement.

Dear Laptop,

I feel so proud of you when I see you coming on television with Ranbir Kapoor, but you need to improve your performance and go down on maintenance.

Dear E63,

I miss you so much; I hope and pray that wherever you are, you are doing fine.

And last but not the least…

Dear Challenges,

I know you like me and always find reasons to be with me. Initially I found you irritating and frustrating but  over the period I have realised that you are not so bad and when I talk to your brother ‘Opportunity’ I realise that you might look tough from the surface but from inside you are always trying to help me in some way or other, by making me stronger and brave.