Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fearless Generation

There have been so many incidents/thoughts that I have wanted to post for past few days but unfortunately the busy schedule for past month has not allowed me to do so. But today what I experienced was too good to be lost in my memory. Today I experienced the exuberance of today’s school going teen – my ASSET Ambassadors.

The times when I was in school and if was asked to introduce myself I was like most of other use to be Conscious and always Ensuring to Say the Right Things about myself, my friends, family and of course teachers. But today when I meet a generation which is just decade younger then me I was just taken back and impressed by the way they would speak their minds out. 18 ASSET Ambassadors who introduced themselves today in front of more than 30 people were not at all conscious, not fearing to say what they like, what they DON’T Like, and absolutely no sugar coated words – just honest opinion.  Some of the introductions like ‘My friends call me saddy, cause they think I am always sad’ – I could atleast not say something like this in front of people I don’t even know. I might just get too bothered about what they would think of me, but I believe that’s not the case with these fearless teenagers of today, they don’t bother to bother of what others think. Or something like that My friends think I am very good at everything and so do my teachers, but I don’t really believe it and I feel I need to improve – the desire to improve and set your own benchmark was unheard of during my school days. 

And I am also sure that all what I am posting would not relate to you till you be in the company of this fearless generation. Spend just 2 hours with them, hear them, know their thoughts and all of us who are in 20’s would start feeling that this generation is far more fearless and clear headed in their thoughts and actions.