Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Mr.Endurance

It’s often said that when the going gets tough, it’s the tough that get going - and the toughest of them is my dad. 

Sometimes when I roll back in times and think of all those difficult situations and challenges that life had to throw at us, I do not get amazed by the kind of hardships and struggle it had, but what really amazes me is how my dad everytime managed to stay calm, positive and determined to show us the light at the end of the tunnel - so many times...

I dont know any other person in my life who would be able to survive and come out victorious of all this situations
  • Millionaire who was thrown out of his own house, builds a new life for his wife and son - giving them the million smiles
  • Man who survived a life threatening accident - feels never threatened by ups and downs of life
  • Person who helped many and  also got betrayed by few - still gives priority to other people's happiness before his
  • Human who has seen so much of pain in his life - skillfully manages to hide it and keep a smile
Today as we celebrate his 54th Birthday, I am proud to say that there is no father, no husband, no human who has more endurance than what Mr.Kshitij Shah has.

You continue to be our bright glowing guiding light for now and ever...


  1. its a privilege to know and have uncle in our lives...he is indeed one in a million