Thursday, August 12, 2010

Je voudrais avoir un bon professeur

When you turn 25 and go back to the class to learn something new, you expect things to be easier then when you were in the school, don't we? Atleast I thought so when i decided to take up french, but I felt no better then what I felt when I was in class 6-7-8......feeling of being not sure, thought of being ridiculed for asking a question and proving myself stupid all came back to me. I tried to analyse the situation on what is going wrong and why am I finding it difficult to learn with ease. Was I not paying enough attention? Was I not gaining interest? NO, the problem is that I am not understanding completely what I am learning. But who is responsible for it? Is it Me or my Faculty? I might sound biased but it is surely my faculty and I have a strong reason to say so 1) The faculty is moving at a pace to finish the course in time and not to ensure that all the students learn 2) Asking questions / doubts seems to be banned - cause when you do your faculty goes on a different trip and starts blaming everybody around. After this experience, I have totally realised that it is so important to have good teachers who teach you for understanding. I would like to thank all those teachers who have helped me understand and would like to gift a book on How to teach effectively to my French teacher (I might actually do that at the end of the course). But there is a silver lining in this too, I have started believing in EI's vision of Learning with Understanding :)

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